Mike Harvey


Mike is the principal director and founder of the company. With more than 24 international awards to his credit, he is one of the more decorated directors in the region. He loves to find beauty in the weirdest of things and very often you will find him randomly exchanging phone numbers with total strangers who he finds "interesting". Mike is totally consumed by his craft and coupled with his experience in theatre and music, he nurtures scripts into memorable stories.   

Kevin Ou


Kevin is dedicated to creating beauty and positive change in the world. As a Celebrity Director & Photographer, Kevin has experienced incredible success globally. Based out of Los Angeles and Singapore, Kevin’s artistic work has garnered multiple International awards for photography. 2010 saw the expansion into Directing Celebrity / Fashion Lifestyle films in Asia. Starting from the Celebrities from MHL to directing Vanessa Williams for Maserati and finally to fashion brands in Asia.

Miika Elo 

Miika loves to make provocative, intelligent and emotionally effective films that change the world - one viewer at the time. In addition to the filmmaking, Miika loves all kind of creative, groundbreaking thinking as well as directing creative processes and teams to reach their maximum potential. Miika strongly believes that we all are on a mission in this world and he is determined to carry out his share with words, pictures and deeds.

"One picture tells more than thousand words. One deed tells more than thousand pictures."

Des Mullan


Des Mullan is one of Ireland’s leading international commercials directors. His ace in the hole is that he is a former top creative director, which means he understands every aspect of the job. His reel shows that he is an adept at bringing these skills to all manner of advertising.

He has a deep understanding of the craft and disciplines of commercials from cinematography, performance, and storytelling through to all aspects of postproduction.